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Finding it hard to navigate the digital space ?

You have heard about it all, Content Marketing, Sales Funnels etc and you are thinking what is all that and how do you get that working for you. 

Or perhaps you are a budding Entepreneur, and you are wondering how to get your Marketing automated. You are tired of chasing leads. 

I can help in that regard, as the reality is that in today's marketing environment, PUSH marketing is now dead. The phrase Content Marketing is being thrown around loosely. However, its so much more than just throwing Content everywhere. 

If you need a chat relating to coming up with a powerful Content Marketing Strategy that can help you generate leads and Sales. 

 I can help you come up with a solid Content Marketing Strategy with an option for Search Engine Optimised Content as well. 

You can book a Strategy Session using one of the buttons on the page. Or you can use the Contact Form, and send in a quick message with your main needs and I will get back to you. Your headline, will be Strategy Session, Content Marketing or Strategy Session, Sales Funnels 

I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Unleash the Leader Within

In every person, lies a leader who is ready to manifest. Many times people are walking around with so much potential but the issues of life and all sorts of things get in the way. This is one of my primary functions through the cutting edge Content that I develop. 

I'm Wisdom V Mupudzi 

I'm an Award Winning Author. and multiplished Author. Some of my works are published on Amazon, Ibooks etc. Top titles include Uncommon Destiny Uncommon Partner, Head to Head with Jezebel etc. For a full iist of my titles, you can visit amazon. com 

As I have written and published books, I m also passionate about helping and coaching new authors with their books. I have a Coaching program specifically for that and also Im happy to chat at length about your book project, all you need to do is book a Strategy Session via the form on this website.  

I also have wide experience working for conglomerates both overseas and here in Australia. I have worked in Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Broadcasting just to mention a few. It is this wide experience that has given a solid understanding of the marketplace and have a heightened awareness. Whilst a Business Degree from RMIT University here in Australia has been handy, many of the real lessons came whilst on the field, in the market place. My hands on experience in the Digital landscape through Creating and publishing Content has strengthened my skills in terms of Content Creation, Content Marketing etc. This is I can offer this as a separate service for those who need help in this regard. 

For fun, I enjoy good movies, the outdoors, am a bit of a petrol head lol so shows like 5th Gear, and Formula One racing are my thing. Oh yes, I also enjoy chess, site seeing, and meeting and connecting with creators and visionaries in whatever shape or form they come. Enjoy the interview below, which was recorded a few years back. 



UNLEASH THE BOOK WITHIN. With the rapid change of technology and communication in today's world. I beleive a book is a good way to establish thought leadership as well as leave a legacy. (click image to Download) 

Collapse the time line....

Have you been writing a book and then stopped mid way. I was totally stunned with the number of people that I have met, who have either incomplete manuscripts or who have dabbled with the idea for a book for many years. 

It doesnt have to take a life time. I know for some people its been 6 months, 3 months etc and for some, years since you last wrote something. However, from time to time the idea pops again, and then you can go on a roll for a few days and then poof, motivation is gone again. You dont have to do it alone or go through the journey alone. Im here for you I can help. With my help, lets cut the time frame it was going to take you, to have something ready ie. Collapse the timeline, 

Accountability :

  • Many 'authors''are not yet full authors, because they dont have anybody to hold them to account, so the project is half complete. 
  • I can help in that regard
  • I understand that sometimes during the process, some people have all sorts of emotions rising up. ( this is what I call the Internal Game, I can help with that. 
  • Use the form on this website to enquire about the type of support that you are looking for and that is available. 


This is one of my premiere programs, but much shorter. This one is for 4 weeks. We cover things like your Identity, your Digital Voice etc As many people come to the Digital Space, to begin the work of sharing their message and their voice. Many encounter many challenges, they range from the 'inner game' to actually showing up in the Digital Space. You are also welcome to join the Raise Your Voice Challenge, which is a five day challenge,all designed to help you accentuate your voice in the market place! To join the Challenge, just download the free ebook, Identity The Key To Purpose on the home page, there in lies the relevant links etc and Starting dates etc will be sent via email. 

For more information on the Raise Your Voice Program, or any other pressing issues, just use the form on this page to enquire, and if you are ready for a Comprehensive Strategy Session, just use the booking form ( SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION) for an appointment and schedule a call and we will have a chat at your preferred time slot. All else use the CONTACT FORM TAB. 

Tired of feeling overwhelmed, confused or ? frustrated. Lets chat