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Book Coaching 

Over the past several years, I have had many requests from people, from both locally and overseas. The chief one being people wanting to know How to Write a book and related issues around the process, writer's block etc. This has birthed this Book Coaching wing. I like to help Unleash the Book Within them, so they can touch more lives. For dates, times and options, use Contact Form, and Unleash The Book Within as your Subject headline, alternatively email

The need for a Book Coach. 

Here are a few reasons why:

Because it's hard to figure out things when you start off on a new venture and I get that. I know its a proces from getting excited about the book idea, to the full manifestation where you can have the book in your hands etc. Having someone who can hold you by the hand, will help not only in collapse the time line, but get more from your work and also make the overall journey smooth. Many people have written several chapters, but then these emotional issues rise, and then they stop or post pone because they couldnt find someone to talk to, who knows and understands what they are feeling. Having a Book Coach, will help navigate this process. 

Sometimes I see people trying to write a book for 'everyone', and therein lies the problem. Many people find it hard to work out the big picture, this is where everything begins. Who is the book for, and what are we trying to achieve with the book, is it just a "Passion Project' or something else. Whatever is the purpose, will determine the direction of the book project. So talking to someone who has a commercial lense, will help one avoid the many costly mistakes that many new authors make. As a Book Coach, I can help you throughout this process and you can have a crystal clear path, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed. Clarity is everything, as a Book Coach, I can help with that. 

The publishing landscape has changed and will continue to. Whilst there has been a tremendous shift towards the online space. The truth is, this is still new for many people. There are issues around Digital Assets, Intellectual Capital etc and this is foreign but very important to the new author. I still remember clearly many years ago, when i first received my first cheque from Amazon. Things have changed and continue to change, and talking to someone who has not only published and got recognition internationally but who is in it for the long haul, will help in a long way. I know it can be overwhelming, but dont worry i can help. 

Can you relate?

“A Book is not only a good way to raise your voice, but also to spread your mesage and leave a legacy!”

Wisdom V Mupudzi 

Which type of coaching is right for you? 


You need someone to talk to extensively about your Book Project urgently. Whether you are about to start or you have already started. You can Book A Strategy Session which can be up to 3 hours depending on your needs. You can Book a Strategy Below. 



You want to work with me over 8 weeks, where we cover everything from the book idea, Platforms, Sales Systems etc. This is a Transformational Educational Experience. It is also about smashing into smithery pieces those things that have held you back, more so if you have wanted to write a book for a very looong time. Recently heard someone say, it took them 20 years before they eventually wrote and released their book! Time is precious, lets cut short that time frame! 

Use the Contact Form and get more information on the Unleash the Book Within Program by having that as the subject headline. I will then get back to you with all the necessary information, if needed we can lock in a time to chat! Please note, there are limited spots!

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Are you ready to move past the overwhelm and get a crystal clear road map to help you get your first book out and build something of substance and leave a legacy?