Ever wanted to write a Book, share your story or testimony with others? Lets make that happen in 2022!

Ever felt like there is more to life than what you are currently playing at. You feel the inner tug for something bigger but you just dont know where to start or what to do next? Feel like you are called to touch lives beyond your current jurisdiction. Or feel that your story or testimony can benefit many other people beyond you. Good news is that you are in the right place.

Did you know in today's world one of the primary ways to reach more people with your life story, with your testimony or share your knowledge with others is through the power of a Book!

Yes, one of the ways to share what you know is through books. Books are great and they offer many advantages. One of the big advantages is that you only have to do the work once. There is no limit to who can get your book. This is something I'm experiencing and have tons of reviews from different parts of the world. So if you have ever wanted to write a book, this is the best place to be. Since my first book, many people have approached me asking how they can write their own books, the process, the nuances etc. So In Unleash the Book, I share some of the fundamentals. I also share what I have seen to stop many authors from writing and completing their books. You dont have to delay, there are people hungry for your work, however, you must have a Fit for Purpose book, and this ebook can help you do that as it helps you lay a good foundation.

My latest release , Unleash the Book Within was announced Winner of a Silver Award in the E Lit Awards which are hosted by the Jenkins Group. The announcement was made on the 30th of Apirl 2021 and The Jenkins Group is a company based in the United States with over 25 years in the publishing and services Industry. In Unleash the Book Within I share more information relating to the Information Industry and how industry is changing at large. If you have ever wanted to write a book, share you knowledge with many people, share your story, you are in the best place to be! Also if you are tired of trading time for money and you are looking for alternatives. Discover a whole new world in the new Ebook, Unleash the Book Within below.

There has never been a better time to share your story, make an impact and leave a legacy. Some of the by products of writing a book, include media interviews, having people across the globe empowered by your work etc. Whatever your goals are when it comes to writing and publishing, this ebook will empower you!

Also, you never know who might get hold of your book, and what opportunities may emerge. Recently i was interviewed for an American Radio Show, and that interview was aired in over 200 radio stations across America. Below is a snippet of what happened. Full interview available upon request. So if you are a thought leader, you have a story, and you thinking of getting into the media, a book is also a good way to do that! To get a good foundation for your book, get Unleash the Book Within and begin your journey as an Author today.

  • You have an opportunity of a life time staring you in the face. However, due to whats going on, many people cant see it and will miss it, in Unleash the Book Within you get to understand whats happening and how that can benefit you.
  • Discover some of the things that are stopping many new authors from writing and finishing their books. Learning this can see you finally get your 'Fit for purpose' book in the market place in 2022!
  • You have an awesome testimony, or story discover why now is the best time to get that story to many people.
  • With over a dozen publications across platforms such as Amazon, 2 International Awards and interviews in multiple countries, you would agree I know a thing or two about books and media right?
  • Whatever your goals are when it comes to your story, your knowledge or your own book, this book will empower you! Download today and get started.
  • Learn how you may potentially be delaying your own destiny, by procastinating on God given ideas and also how to overcome.
  • Tired of the 9- 5 grind? Discover a new industry that doesnt require thousands to get your started like many industries. As example a Maccas or Subway Franchise will set you back in the range of 6/7 figures.
  • If you have a Book Idea, that you have been sitting on, or contemplating to work on? you are about to discover why NOW is the time to get your work ''out there''.
  • Many people are allowing 'Destiny Assassins' to stop them in their tracks. However, once you understand them, you can overcome!
  • Discover some of the costly mistakes that many new authors are making without knowing, and how to AVOID them.
  • Learn some of the key things you need to do before you write and publish your book.
  • They say procastination is the thief of time, the more you delay working on your book, the more you delay potential opportunities that could easily open on the other side of your book! Dont allow 2022 to pass you by, before you take serious steps towards your book idea!
  • As a BONUS, you get access to a Private Facebook Group ( $197 Value), get started today!

Media Apperance.

As mentioned above, I was interviewed on America Tonight by the amazing Kate Delaney.

Also, recently I was a guest on Ticker News. This is an Australian Based Channel which is on the cutting edge based in Melbourne. Further testimony to what I always say that the market place is looking for value, discover more and learn more by getting Unleash the Book Within so you can understand whats happening in the world of media, publishing etc and how that help you manifest your purpose!

“Its been a great honour and pleasure to touch so many lives, starting with my first and Award Winning book, Uncommon Destiny Uncommon Partner, followed by Head to Head with Jezebel etc all available across Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc and so many platforms. I have had so many requests over the years from people wanting to know more about the process of writing a Book and the Information Industry at large. In this ebook, I get to share the many things that I wish somebody had told me in my early days. This includes common and costly mistakes that many new authors make and how big this industry really is. So Unleash the Book Within is a must read for any new authors!

Wisdom V Mupudzi, 2 Time Award Winning and Multi Published Author, Digital Publisher, Book Coach.