I'm Wisdom V Mupudzi and I am a 2 Time Award Winning Author, Digital Publisher and Book Coach. I'm passionate about seeing people manifest their purpose. I help Leaders and Entepreneurs, accentuate their Voices in the Market place, through primarily the power of a Book!

My first book, Uncommon Destiny Uncommon Partner got a Silver Award many years ago, in the E Lit Awards run by the Jenkins Group. Fast forward to April 30, 2021, my latest release, Unleash the Book Within was awarded a Silver award in the Writing/Publishing Category. The E Lit Awards are run by the Jenkins Group, a Michigan based, Publishing and Services Company with over 25 years in the Industry, they were designed to celebrate and honour Digital Excellence! It is through this backdrop that many people have contacted me needing help etc relating to the Book Writing Process, Publishing etc and hence I became a Book Coach. Many people are sitting on Break through ideas, if only they can manifest them! I help with both the ''Inner Game'' stuff and also the practicality of taking a Book Idea into Manifestation, Digital landscape etc.


World Class, and world exclusive.  

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Thanks for visiting this page. I am a 2 Time Award Winning Author. I was recently interviewed on America Tonight by the amazing Kate Delaney. America Tonight is a US radio show that airs across over 200 radio stations in America. Kate Delaney has interviewed many celebrities including the current President of the United States, Joe Biden.

I have also recently appeared on Ticker News, which is a cutting edge streaming Channel based in Australia.

In our About Section, you will be able to find more fuller details and about who I am and some of the services on offer. On this page, you will gain access to get some FREE Resources, you are welcome to take advantage of any of them. 

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Lessons from my journey.  

I have been blessed with many experiences. Growing up in Africa and later crossing over into one of the greatest countries on the planet. Some call it 'lucky' country, but I call it a blessed nation! My market place experiences in various industries have really grown me, stretched etc. One of the fundamentals that I have learnt from others and my own life is that, Identity plays such a key role in manifesting who we are called to be. Many people are failing or struggling to manifest their Book Ideas, Business Ideas etc due to Identity related issues. Good news is that you can download the FREE EBOOK, Identity the Key To Purpose on this website.

  • The DNA and blueprint to your purpose is already coded in your identity. 
  • Many times, circumstances, bad relationships etc have compromised the essence of who many people are. 
  • Usually when people lose their innocence and the essence of who they are, they lose sight of purpose and they abort their destinies
  • Embracing the fullness of who one is, gives one permission to manifest and reach full expression 

As you can imagine, this is a key topic that is central to purpose discovery and manifestation. 

Whether you are looking for purpose, you have been divorced, you are starting over, you currently single, or you already found purpose and you want to take things further, no matter your current circumstance, download my FREE EBOOK below, IDENTITY THE KEY TO PURPOSE! 

"It was an eye opener "

Lauren Kelly ( Head to Head With Jezebel) .available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc

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One of the things that I love doing is getting out there and engage in quality conversations with other visionaries etc. 

Recently I was interviewed on one of Australia's Channels that's on the cutting edge, Ticker News. Here is a snippet of what happened....

“I've have known Wisdom Mupudzi for some time now and he is a man with a heart for success! This is isn't just limited to business or relationships but people's personal journey with God and others”

Shaun Featherston 

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